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Corey Michael Scott

Before 2009, I wrote a lot of poetry, so during a period of writers’ block a good friend suggested I try painting. I Fell in love immediately and was hooked by the way color could be used to spark emotion and dialogue. Driven by that initial passion, I spent the next 12 years studying as much as I could, which included the University of Houston where I majored art history and minored studio art. By 2011, I was producing 200+ paintings a year while trying my hand in many styles.


I have exhibited my work in commercial spaces such as the Wells Fargo Plaza in downtown Houston, the famous Breakfast Klub in Houston, the Baylor College of Medicine in Waco, TX, the Starbucks in Melbourne, FL, and multiple murals throughout Titusville, FL. I’m honored to have collaborated with many nonprofit and for-profit organizations such as ArtBridge of Houston, who help underprivileged kids through art, and Cancer Below the Belt, a cancer awareness campaign.

I have an amazing wife and two beautiful daughters who support me through this journey. I thank God, and them, for providing me with a wonderful life.

About Strangelands

Strangelands is about curiosity and connection. It's about finding the deep moments we share as humans, whether that be through seeking a divine consciousness, growing through our experiences with success and failure, or the feeling of how small we seem amongst the vastness of the universe. 


Through a surrealist collage- like approach, Strangelands aims to begin a dialogue about these moments, ultimately providing you with a starting point in which to dive deeper into your own shared experience, and create your own version of what you see.

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