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About Me

My name is Corey Michael Scott

I am a Texas born artist. I showed up in 1988 but didn't start painting until 2009, when I was twenty-one.  I wrote a lot of poetry back then, and a close friend suggested I try painting as a way to help with writers block. I immediately loved the way color could be used to manipulate emotion.... and I was hooked. 


Driven by that initial passion, I spent the next 12 years studying as much as I could. I attended the University of Houston, where I studied art history with a minor in studio art. By 2011, I was producing over 200 paintings a year while trying my hand in many styles, colors, and compositions. My work has exhibited in commercial spaces such as the Wells Fargo lobby in downtown Houston to the Baylor College of Medicine in Waco, TX. I have also exhibited in Starbucks, multiple breweries, art shows, and collaborated with many non profit and for profit organizations.

I share two daughters, Charlotte and Cecelia, with the love of my life, Cara. Our roots are planted in Orlando, Florida where my wife owns a small insurance business, and Titusville, Florida where our home is located. We are beyond blessed and wish the best for you and your family as well.


Thanks for your support!

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